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Can-Am UTV Parts and Accessories

Can-Am accessories for the trails

Getting your ride outfitted for the trails will improve the overall experience. Side By Side Stuff has a full inventory of aftermarket Can-Am parts that will do just that. In addition, some of these accessories will provide protection, comfort, and performance increases.

Trailing Parts and Accessories
  • Skid Plates, Guards, and Bumpers – Protective gear that mounts directly to the machine to secure vital components like the suspension, plastics, lights, engine, and mechanisms in the undercarriage. They consist of aluminum and UHMW that is corrosion and rust resistant.
  • All-Terrain Tires – Offers adequate traction on a wide range of terrain surfaces. The carcasses generally have a large contact surface with puncture-resistant rubber compounds. Its treads are shallow and close together to conform to topography with maximized grip.
  • Mountable Cooler – Keeps beverages and food chilled during long trail rides without toppling over when the terrain gets rough. The hard mount in the bed of the vehicle uses the included hardware.
  • Seats and Harness – Provides additional confinement and comfort during long trail rides. They consist of marine-grade fabrics that are corrosion and mildew resistant. These units dramatically reduce fatigue and soreness.
  • Winch – Assists riders in scaling rigid obstacles and will help a machine that's ass-over-teakettle get back on all fours.
Your one-stop-shop for Can-Am parts and accessories is here at Side By Side Stuff. With thousands of happy customers all across the country, you’re in good hands with top brands like Falcon Ridge and Seizmik. See what you can do to build your best buggy—while you save some money—today!
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