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CFMOTO Wheels and Tires

CFMoto Tires & Types

  • Mud: Deep large treads that dig through mud and ruts. (High Lifter, System 3, ITP)
  • Rock: Shallow lugs that are designed closely together. (Maxxis, Pro Armor, MRT)
  • Sand: Paddled treads in the rear and ribbed lugs in the front. (System 3, GMZ, Quad Boss)

Factors in Selecting CFMoto Wheels:

Though it can get overwhelming, we make it easy to pick the right rims for your ride and aesthetic style. Each set includes CFMoto bolt patterns, offsets, and weight loads on the products.

Bolt Pattern: The spacing and number of lug holes correspond with the machine’s hub stud measurements.
Offset: The space between the center for the rim to the mounting pad.
Weight Load: The max weight that the rim can support.

Wheel type vs. weight

CFMoto UForce and ZForce wheels play an important role in tire performance and grip in your side by side. On top of that, they are a significant aesthetic enhancement. Several factors come into play, like weight and wheel type.

As a general rule for UTV wheels, the lighter, the faster. The size, offset, and spoke design play a large part in what determines the weight of wheels for a CF Moto UTV. But, the most important might be material. We’ve got dozens of lightweight, aluminum wheels available that can shave 10-25 pounds or more off of your overall ride weight.

CFMoto Wheels - Types

Beadlock: Include a bolt-on ring that offers a more intense grip on the tire bead. This is great for enthusiasts that crawl or haul heavy. Non-Beadlock: They are lightweight and an ideal set for racers, trailers, construction, and first responders.

Pre-Mounted CFMoto Wheels and Tires Brands

  • Fuel and EFX
  • MSA and EFX
  • Sedona
Pre-mounted sets are a great option for any rider. We have pre-mounted CFMoto wheel and tire packages available that save you money with free shipping, and keep your buggie out of the shop with easy installation. Find a set here today!
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