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Doors for Honda Pioneer UTV

The Honda Pioneer is a rugged vehicle with partial doors that keep passengers in and the elements out. However, the half doors stop short and leave a wide opening, allowing mud, dirt and water to fly in and cover riders. To add protection and confinement, Side By Side Stuff offers several Pioneer doors and cages to choose from.

The 3 Star Industries Soft Doors come in sets of 4 and are made to fit. These SxS doors have windows made from Aqua-View Smoked vinyl, giving you a clear view of the outdoors. Take advantage of the flexible features, like zippered windows that can be opened or closed. You won’t have to worry about water exposure and damage, an inevitable component of many trails, as this marine grade fabric is water repellent and mildew resistant.

Let the exterior of your UTV get splattered and sprayed, but stay dry by adding an enclosure to your cab. Side By Side Stuff has the accessories to make your ride smoother. Once you have UTV parts like a hard top, windshield and cab back, you’ll just need one more add-on to be fully enclosed: aftermarket doors.
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