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Honda Pioneer Parts and Accessories

Pioneer Parts for More Utility

Why not enhance the unit with Honda sxs accessories that increase all-season abilities? For example, investing in a snowplow allows the vehicle to push dirt and snow. So, work your way through the winter and the summer!


Each kit includes a blade, push tube, and model-specific mount. Additional honda pioneer side by side accessories and parts can be purchased to further enhance the performance of the system, like:
  • Plow markers
  • Drift cutter
  • Rubber flap
  • Hydtroturn
  • Box ends
  • Push tubes for lift kits

Get the Visibility You Need

One thing missing from most standard issue utility vehicles is UTV mirrors. Unfortunately, reversing or seeing what's coming requires a head position that isn't always effective. However, purchasing Honda SxS accessories for the Pioneer 1000 for example like a rearview or side mirror provides the necessary clarity.

Mirror Options

  • Falcon Ridge
  • Seizmik
  • Brite-Saber
  • Moose
  • Pro Armor
  • Axia Alloy

Pioneer Parts to Improve Your Clearance and Ride

Honda aftermarket parts like a lift kit can give you more clearance—keeping your undercarriage more protected and expanding where you can ride. Hit the trails and go further with a lift kit from High Lifter and get a limited lifetime warranty alongside free shipping for most kits.

Find your favorite new upgrade at Side By Side Stuff today!
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