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Honda Talon Wheels

Honda wasnít messing around when they conjured up the Talon 1000. The beastly machine features a 900cc I-2 engine with a whopping 104 horsepower capacity paired with an AWD drive train! That power and traction means youíll have confidence when staring down the barrel of the unpredictable geography that lay before you in a mean machine engineered for all-terrain greatness! The Talon is a mean machine to start with, but you can take it to the next level with some aftermarket grit like new Honda Talon wheels to increase your performance while boosting the cosmetic appeal of your rig.

One certain way to increase your Talonís street cred is swapping those factory wheels for a set of sweet aftermarket UTV wheels! Side By Side Stuff has a massive selection of UTV wheels constructed from high quality materials from the best brands on the market. Rims say a lot about a ride which is why manufactures like Fuel Off-Road and Raceline Wheels have configured aesthetically unique designs while maintaining structural solidity to add to the operations of your buggy. Depending on the way you run your rig, rims can potentially increase your stance, navigational control and not to mention all the benefits the right set of wheels will bring to other driveline components!

Whether you want your Talon 1000 to drop jaws and turn heads or youíre looking for a beadlock to accommodate your rock crawling addiction, Side By Side Stuff can assist you in your wheeling endeavors! With a gigantic assortment in UTV aftermarket accessories to choose from you can easily customize your SxS to meet your individual needs to look the part, while pounding ground in your Honda with authority!
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