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Polaris General 1000 Doors

Just because your UTV takes a beating doesnít mean you have to. Install custom doors from reliable brands for your Polaris General 1000. With doors between you and nature, you can enjoy the comfort of a protected cab. Once the doors are shut, you can drive for hours and cut down on clean up time after. The interior of your Polaris will look new longer and you wonít have to exert yourself scrubbing mud and dirt off your seats.

The Seizmik Upper Half Framed Doors connect to factory half doors to provide a way to have a sealed cab. Once your cab is enclosed, you will have protection from wind and rain coming into your UTV. These doors feature a crystal clear vinyl window that can be zipped open. Check out another enclosure option with the 3 Star Soft Upper Doors. These have flexible features like optional zippered side windows and a camo or solid black look. If you donít already have a rear window for your vehicle, you can add the whole set of doors and windows from 3 Star. The 3 Star doors include self-adhesive Velcro, making installation an easy process.
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